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We are just so tired of it, the word “pandemic.” It is one of the first words you hear when you
wake up and is one of the last words you hear before going to bed at night. Of course, our
hearts go out to those who have been affected or lost someone to the coronavirus. But the
word “pandemic” has been used so much with this health crisis that it is easy to forget its true
definition. Simply it means “widespread on a global scale.”This could apply to any subject that
affects the entire world. Consider homelessness and the rising numbers of those facing
eviction and out on the streets. In 1992 it was reported that there were 100 million homeless.
Fast forward to today, there are now 150 million homeless people, and this number is
What is causing homelessness?
It is fair to say that we here at Safe Harbor of Chester County cannot answer this question for
the rest of the world, nationally or at the state level. We focus on taking care of our Chester
County neighbors and we are seeing a dramatic increase in homelessness in our area. Chester
County is the wealthiest County in the entire state and the housing market is booming!
Currently, mortgage rates are at an all-time low and houses are selling for 40% above the asking
price. This phenomena raises the value of neighbors’ homes which then affects the rent on
rental properties. Add this to the mix of luxurious townhomes and condominiums being built all
over the County to satisfy the fleeing urban dwellers and we create a lack of affordable housing.
New houses cannot be built because of a lack of labor and expensive material costs due to
the shortage. Right now, so many people are out of work, barely making rent, or unable to pay it at
all, are facing eviction. Too many people are facing homelessness in Chester County.
Support the mission of Safe Harbor of Chester County. It is more crucial than ever before that
we have your help to be able to continue our mission of providing food, clothing, support
services, showers, laundry, and shelter for every homeless person reaching out to us. The men
and women who walk through our doors are being given a second chance at starting over. They
are given the opportunity to receive the services they need to become mentally and physically
healthy, work on securing employment, and secure a new home when they leave here. Our
continued success depends on the generous support from our family of volunteers, donors, and
friends. We only receive 12% of our annual operating budget from the County. The rest comes from
someone like you who cares about those less fortunate living in our community and WE NEED
YOUR HELP. Please donate here.