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2020 was the 25th anniversary of Safe Harbor opening in its permanent location at 20 N. Matlack St. West Chester, PA 19380. Now as we are looking to the future we still want to reflect on this milestone and share our story.

In 1992 a task force was created by local politicians and community members, to help our homeless neighbors. For several years, Safe Harbor existed in the form of a traveling shelter with space provided by many faith-based organizations in the area. Then, in December 1995, Safe Harbor opened its doors at its current location as a “low-demand” shelter, which means no one who needed help would be turned away, as long as space was available.

In 2007, the Single Homeless Women’s Task Force was created because there had been a steadily rising need to provide services to homeless single women in our community. It was determined that Safe Harbor had the only 4 beds in all of Chester County available for single homeless women. So, Safe Harbor agreed to take on a major expansion to meet the need for sheltering single women.  In March of 2010, we opened our doors in our renovated two-story building and within a few weeks, a total of 20 women and 20 men were staying at the shelter. 

For 25 years the mission of Safe Harbor is to provide housing, food, and access to support services in a structured environment for homeless single men and homeless single women in Chester County. We are able to continue this mission because of your support. Please consider donating today



Safe Harbor is a non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to provide housing, food and access to support services in a structured environment for homeless single men and homeless single women in Chester County.


Safe Harbor’s goal reaches beyond just feeding the homeless and providing housing. We seek to understand each person’s background, define short term action plans designed to address his or her challenges and needs, and monitor his or her progress. Our goal is to help rebuild lives and life skills, reestablish self-esteem, and help people overcome the issues that prevent them from leading independent, productive lives.


Safe Harbor will be there to support our neighbors in need until they have a place to call home.

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we provide

Clean bed, laundry, shower facilities, clothing and personal hygiene supplies in a safe, clean and stable environment.
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner provided every day for shelter residents.
On-site counseling and case management services.
Collaboration with other human services agencies including: job training referral and employment placement; weekly life skills training (i.e. conflict resolution, banking/budgeting, etc.); and, access to health, financial, and legal aid services.
Lunch for 30-50 low and no income men, women, and children from the community 6 days each week, 7 days during the winter months from 11:30am until 12:30pm. (Sundays only during the winter months)
Official warming and cooling station for Chester County during the winter and summer months whenever the temperature is below 35° or above 85°



$1 million annually

donation breakdown

Government 12%;

Faith Communities 6%

Individuals 12%

Corporate & United Ways 16%

Grants & Foundations 27%

Fundraising Events 19%

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we have

8 Board members

20 staff members including the Chief Executive Officer

400 volunteers