20 N. Matlack St

West Chester, PA 19380

Need Shelter?

Call 211 or 1-855-567-5341


Business Office

Matching Funds

Double your Donation!

Many employers will match your donation dollar for dollar!

HOW TO Begin

  1. Donate to Safe Harbor
  2. Contact your employer or call Melissa at 610-340-1183 to see if your company is currently participating.
  3. Get your donation matched!

Just follow your company’s instructions and if they need verification please contact our Development department at 610-340-1183 or email Melissa Trexler at melissa@safeharborofcc.org

You can mail, email, or fax your completed form to:

Safe Harbor of Chester County – 20 N. Matlack St.
West Chester, PA 19380