Why I am donating my Stimulus Check.


In the weeks to come, our government is sending many of us a stimulus check ranging from $1200 to $2400. We also know that many people, including a majority of the homeless, will not receive these checks. Many recipients of the checks will need them. However, others are fortunate to be able to provide for their needs without this supplement. When my wife and I became aware of the pending arrival of these checks we decided that we would use the money to help those in need. Safe Harbor of Chester County is one organization we plan to support.
My name is Dave McClemens and over 25 years ago, I was privileged to be one of the founding members of Safe Harbor of Chester County. Safe Harbor is a not for profit homeless shelter, housing 20 men and 20 women. Every day they provide shelter, meals, laundry, and support services for the homeless along with free lunches and groceries for the food insecure within our community.
When I was President of the Board, I was relentless in reminding our supporters, Board of Directors, and community members that the shelter existed on a month to month basis – and there was/is a perpetual need to raise funds to remain open. The shelter has made so many strides over the past 25 plus years.
But the current pandemic has forced the shelter to cancel its major fundraising event – one of the lifelines of its existence. (Editors Note – Click Here for info on our Virtual Fundraiser.) More importantly, the shelter has been forced to temporarily relocate the residents because the living quarters at Safe Harbor were not conducive to the social distancing required by the Coronavirus pandemic. With the generosity of its community partners, arrangements have been made available in a local hotel to house the residents. But note, the hotel is only providing the “room” and the Safe Harbor staff is still responsible for the “service”. As you can imagine, the costs are high – 24-hour staffing, cleaning products, meals for the residents, laundry, trash service, transportation and don’t forget, the continued operating costs of the physical shelter.
Safe Harbor of Chester County, despite these current challenges, maintains its commitment to the homeless and to the community. The shelter cannot do it alone, which is why my wife and I are supporting Safe Harbor in these difficult times. Listed below are some of the current costs that are necessary to support our homeless shelter residents. Your monetary donations are greatly needed and appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your support.
Dave and Carol McClemens





Meals – $200/day
Electricity – $1400/month
Sanitizing, cleaning, protective gear – $30/day
Laundry – $100/week
Water/Sewer/Trash Bill – $1300/month