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2020 Spring Virtual Fundraiser

April 25th - May 2nd



In the interest of serving our community by abiding to the social-distancing guidelines, Safe Harbor has transformed our Spring Fundraiser Gala into a Virtual Fundraiser! You can register for free on our secure website to bid and raise money from wherever you are! Safe Harbor of Chester County depends on supporters like you. We only receive 12% of our budget from the county and the rest is raised by private donors. We need your support! This is our biggest fundraiser of the year!

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What is a Virtual Fundraiser?

It is a silent auction that uses a secure bidding website to allow participants from wherever they are, to view, research, bid and pay for unique items that have been donated to us, to help raise money for the shelter. 

So can I really be anywhere and still participate?

Yes! You can be in your PJ’s at home and still bid on your favorite items. Heck, you could be in your PJ’s in Canada and participate! Location doesn’t matter, it is all done remotely on your cell phone! So plan on joining our kick-off Live Stream at 6 PM on Saturday, April 25th where we will give you a preview of some of the auction items. It all happens on our Facebook Page.

What do you mean I can bid remotely?

If you have ever used “mobile bidding” on your cellphone at a charity ball or gala, we are using the same technology. If you haven’t used it before, it is as simple as registering for the auction online, receiving a text message link then start bidding. If you are outbid on an item you will receive an immediate text message telling you about the new bid. Then, from wherever you are you can place another bid with the push of one button. Then on May 2nd when the auction is over you can check out right from your phone. You literally could participate from anywhere in the world.

How do I receive my item after I won?

After the auction you will be contacted by the staff at Safe Harbor to make the arrangements.

Is this secure?

Absolutely! The company that we contracted with to organize and execute our auctions uses the latest encryption methods for a safe and secure checkout process. 

Can I just make a donation instead?

You sure can! using the same link to the auction registration you can make a donation in any amount to our shelter!

I tried to register on the auction site and it said that I am already registered, how is that possible?

If you attended last years event or had bought tickets or a sponsorship to our (cancelled) Spring Gala you are registered for the Virtual Fundraiser.