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On this Mother’s Day weekend, I am reminded about something that is easily overlooked when it comes to the residents in our shelter. You may know that Safe Harbor is the only single women’s homeless shelter in Chester County. As a reminder, we house 20 single women and 20 men every night. It is that keyword of “single” that prompted me to write this blog. I feel that many times it is forgotten that even though this homeless shelter houses single women it means some of them are Moms. For whatever reason that when a woman comes to reside at Safe Harbor. It doesn’t mean that ties are cut off from their family and friends. If they were a Mom before, they are still a mom now. In many cases, these  Mom’s are focused on their own health and well being while still interacting with their own children. We just wanted to put out a gentle reminder that even though we are the only single women’s shelter in Chester County, the word “single” only means they have a single bed. It doesn’t mean they aren’t a Mom. So please keep that in mind this Mother’s Day weekend and think of the many ladies who are here at Safe Harbor, getting back on their feet and loving their children as much as you love yours.