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Safe Harbor is very fortunate to have the support of West Chester University and WCU Foundation, including Christopher and Susan Fiorentino.  We are grateful to have Sue as one of our Board Members. WCU has been a part of the Safe Harbor family for many years and has become even more so during the past seven months.

About seven months ago, the students involved in the Food Recovery Program began bringing cooler bags full of prepackaged sandwiches, trays of catered dishes, and various other food items on Fridays. The premise of the program is to not let anything go to waste and to circulate the food to where it’s needed most. We are honored that they chose Safe Harbor as one of the recipients of the program.

In addition to Food Recovery, we’ve had an outpouring of students from the Honors College, sports teams, fraternities, and sororities, Circle K, the Art Department and even on an individual basis, who show how much they care and want to support Safe Harbor.  WCU students, faculty and staff devote time, hard work, talents, and energy, to help the shelter in a variety of ways.  Whether it’s helping with our annual fundraiser, giving food, serving lunch, providing bagged lunches, making meals, donating essential items from our Needs List, organizing our storage closets and filing cabinets, and holding special events for our residents, each and every contribution has made an enormous impact on Safe Harbor.

We are also so honored to share the news that the WCU Art Department’s Sculpture class led by Professor Andrew Snyder is holding an ‘Empty Bowls’ fundraiser to benefit Safe Harbor on Thursday, May 2nd. The beautifully made bowls filled with ice cream will be purchased and 100% of the proceeds will go to Safe Harbor. This is such an extraordinary gift!

We hope to continue to strengthen the relationship between Safe Harbor and West Chester University and develop additional connections and friendships as time goes on.

We salute you WCU, for your kindness, generosity, and support of Safe Harbor!

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Where would we be without all of our volunteers?! We would also like to take the time to acknowledge our volunteers past, present, and future who have, are, or will be involved with Safe Harbor! Kitchen Volunteers, Event Volunteers, Shelter Volunteers, Project Volunteers, and more! Whether you’ve been coming every week for 10 years+ or volunteered just 1 time, no matter how small or how grand, each person has a touch point and has made a significant impact. We extend our gratitude and say thank you for all of the wonderful work you have, are and will be doing for Safe Harbor.