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It has been very exciting here at Safe Harbor lately. We are implementing mobile bidding at the 2019 Spring Charity Celebration. (Tickets available here) This is going to enhance the entire experience of coming to our event. First you can actually buy your tickets online straight from our website. Would you like to be a sponsor or buy an entire table? No problem! You can do all of it right there from the web page. One of the nice features of this new portal is you are in complete control of your registration. If you feel that you are going to come to the 2019 Spring Charity Celebration and participate in the live or silent auctions you can go ahead and provide a credit card. Or, if you prefer just provide it at the check-out. We can also still take cash or checks too!

Now one of the great things about the mobile bidding at the 2019 Spring Charity Celebration is that during the silent auction, you do not have to hover by the item tables. If you see an item you like, all you have to do is place your bid through your phone. Then, when you make your way to the bar and are chatting with friends. You will receive a text if you get outbid. While still chatting with friends, you can up your bid from your phone without having to go back to the auction tables! Also note that, if you cannot make the event you can still participate! You can actually register and participate in the mobile bidding at the 2019 Spring Charity Celebration in real time while the auction is live!

There are so many benefits to this new platform and we cannot wait for you to experience them and have the best celebration with Safe Harbor for 2019!