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Kalina Gendel is hosting the Safe Harbor 2019 Spring Charity Event

Early last year there was a knock on our door and standing there was this young woman, with her hair in a long  pony-tail, baseball cap, and hands on her hip, stating, “she was here to volunteer!”  (side note, her sleeves were already rolled up ready for work!) Kalina has been volunteering since last fall and it that short amount of time she has endeared herself to the staff, residents and other volunteers.

So…, if she looks familiar its because there are a few places you might have recognized our 2019 Spring Charity Event Celebrity Host and Auctioneer. Kalina Gendel is the COO and one of the QVC On-Air spokespersons for Breezies Intimate Apparel. So you may have spotted her on TV along with her mom or sisters affectionately known as the “Gendel Girls” speaking about their popular products. Or . . . if you may have stopped by Safe Harbor, you may have noticed Kalina in our kitchen as she helps with the prep and service for our community lunch. 

We are so happy and grateful for Kalina lending us her talent, personality, and passion to our 2019 Spring Charity Celebration. But honestly, we are even more grateful for the time she spends in our kitchen each week, helping the homeless in Chester County.  – Tickets for the 2019 Spring Charity Celebration on sale now!