Safe Harbor is truly grateful to have been selected as a West Chester Rotary Club grant recipient for 2018. We know that there are so many amazing organizations in Chester County and to have been selected is a real honor. In case you do not know. The generous contributions generated by the West Chester Rotary club comes from the proceeds of their annual Chili Cook-Off. Through this annual (and delicious) event, money is raised then distributed to the selected charities. The Chili Cook-off was great event unto itself. There were so many vendors with pots full of hot, delicious chili. They ladled it out as fast as they could and I know the entire county had to enjoy all of the different varieties. The live bands rocked throughout the afternoon and it is always a good time when you can take a selfie with a chili pepper mascot! It would be amiss if we did not say “Thank You” to all of the supporters who came out, because through your love of chili, you supported Safe Harbor! The West Chester Rotary Club has truly made one of the best annual events, not just for West Chester or even Chester County but throughout the country. This event is family friendly so everyone can enjoy it. I know thousands of people have already marked it on their calendar for next year! On Thursday October, 18th. Safe Harbor was recognized as a West Chester Rotary Club Grant Recipient at a special luncheon held for all of the recipients. David James spoke on behalf of Safe Harbor, sharing the mission and his gratitude towards the West Chester Rotary Club. We have no doubt that many of the local non-profits selected as a West Chester Rotary Club grant recipient feel great appreciation for the Rotary Club. We certainly do at Safe Harbor! Thank you West Chester Rotary Club!