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Virtual Auction Step by Step instructions are below the informative video!

Step by step instructions on how to register for our virtual fundraiser!

1) Enter this URL into your internet browser and click "enter" - www.shcc2020.givesmart.com

web, address bar

2) On this page, you can choose to browse the auction or register to bid (There is no cost to register or bid!)

Check out the items for auction

after previewing the items…

3) Click the "Sign in or Register" Button on the top right of your screen.

register, button

4) Fill out your free registration, you can't bid without registering!

fill out, form

5) Tip! - Change your username to something you like. This section could be auto-populated and you have the option to change it to something you prefer.

6) Be sure and click that you "agree to these terms" and "allow text messaging!" This is how we will notify you when you have been outbid or have won an item.

agree, box

Once you are registered*, you will receive text messages before during and after the auction which will include instructions on adding a credit card, bid notices and how to pick up your item after the auction. As a reminder you will have to register a credit card when you make your first bid. The Auction goes live at 6:30 PM EST on Saturday April 25th and runs until 9:00 PM EST on Saturday May 2nd.

*When registering you may receive a “Contact already registered” which could be because you attended last years event or had bought tickets or a sponsorship to our (cancelled) 2020 Spring Gala. If you need further assistance please contact david@safeharborofgwc.org


PLEASE NOTE that you do not have to attach a credit card to your account until you make your first bid!